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Travel Plan

Travel planning within a business, workplace or organisation has the potential to reduce car usage, targeting significant areas of traffic volume, by addressing the requirements of the travelling public via a coordinated approach.


As a result of this, benefits such as a healthier lifestyle, reduced congestion, and improved air quality can be the achievement of implementing various initiatives and schemes such as the improvement of facilities.


E.g. Bike storage, showers, car-sharing, public transport promotion and discounts, and encouraging cycling and walking. 


Employee retention, reduced absenteeism and a happier and healthier workforce are bonuses, alongside other benefits such as reduced costs and carbon emissions.

For free help and advice for your travel plan journey contact us today.


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read our Southern

Vectis Case Study


Corporate Offer with Beryl

In 2020 Beryl Bikes were selected by the Isle of Wight Council to host the Government e-scooter trials on the Isle of Wight. 

Beryl offer bespoke packages and discounts to island businesses with a corporate offer.

Businesses can also request the installation of an e-scooter parking bay onsite. 

To find out more about these offers, contact: Phil Barrett - Community Engagement & Events Lead

Corporate offer with PedalAid

The PedalAid platform can provide a great opportunity for your business to support Island charities and motivate your employees to increase participation in physical activity, while strengthening your brand and contributing to your corporate social responsibilities.


With PedalAid fast approaching 1000 registered users, and reaching and engaging many more Island residents each month, there’s no better time to align your business with the PedalAid brand.

Find out more about Corporate Partnerships here.


In June 2018 the Green Impact Programme launched on the Isle of Wight.


This free UNESCO award winning programme encourages businesses to think not only of their green credentials, but Corporate Social Responsibility as a whole.

As part of the Green Impact toolkit the 'Transport' section has criteria which contributes to a travel plan or travel policy. If you're struggling with your travel plan, this might be a great place to start. 

Work towards a gold, silver, or bronze award as a team, and see what you can achieve! 

Registration code: 175


Campaigning, Discounts and Further Advice

​If you need a bus stop placed, a corporate bus discount, you're unsure where to start with a cycle to work scheme, or you just want to ask us for some help or advice, we can help you.

Online Workshop


If you need a bit of help, need a bit of inspiration, or you want to share your stories or ideas with other businesses, come along to one of our Travel Plan Workshops, online or at a confirmed venue.

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