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As part of the Connect2Work programme, your Active Travel Officers will help you to draft your own Travel Plan. You will then be given support to deliver the unique list of goals that your Travel Plan sets our for your business or organisation.



Travel planning within a business, workplace or an organisation has the potential to reduce car usage, targeting major areas of traffic volume, by addressing the requirements of the travelling public via a co-ordinated approach.

As a result of this, benefits such as a healthier lifestyle, reduced congestion, and improved air quality can be the achievement of implementing various initiatives and schemes such as the improvement of facilities (e.g. Bike storage, showers), car sharing schemes, public transport promotion and discounts, and encouraging cycling and walking.


Travel Plans also have the ability to influence people outside the workplace, such as your clients or visitors through your actions, meaning that travel plans are relevant for any type of organisation or sector.

E.g. Tourism - Reducing the amount of cars in the car park by installing bike storage for your guests or giving away free bus travel to encourage them to visit you. 

A travel plan usually consists of an action plan or a list of goals and strategies that are unique to your workplace to work towards over a certain period of time. A travel plan can also help you address some of the infrastructural or operational issues that you may have on site or within company policy. This can be anything from car park issues or too much business travel.

Please see our 'Travel Plan Delivery' section for more details on our Travel Plan Package, or why not try some of out links on this page.

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CSR Conscious?

Did you know that a Travel Plan contributes to the transport section of a Green Impact award and your Sustainability Credentials?

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