Southern Vectis Case Study

Southern Vectis, a major employer on the Island, worked with the Connect2Work programme to develop a Workplace Travel Plan. The Travel Plan consisted of a staff survey and a site audit to examine the opportunities and challenges faced by the organisation. A set of recommendations were provided which set out how Southern Vectis can enable its staff to travel more sustainably for commuting and for business travel.

Some of the reasons Southern Vectis took the opportunity to develop it’s Travel Plan included:

  • Car parking issues at its main site and depots

  • To encourage employees to become more active and make use of the transport services it currently provides.

  • To increase onsite facilities to make sustainable transport options easier for staff.

  • To support the organisation’s ongoing commitment to carbon emissions reduction whilst contributing to staff wellbeing.

Simon Moye, Operations Manager at Southern Vectis, spoke of the Connect2Work Travel Plan experience:

“As a result of our Travel Plan, Southern Vectis has achieved increased awareness for colleagues and the company alike to ensure the business embraces active and sustainable travel arrangements wherever possible.

"We live in a changing world where businesses need to adapt and make themselves more responsible to get their colleagues to focus on the alternatives and not just to focus on the car as the first point of call when it comes to travelling to and from work.

"I would recommend the Connect2Work programme to other businesses on the Island."

If you think your organisation could benefit from developing a Workplace Travel Plan, please contact the Isle of Wight Council Active Travel Officer's, Brock Rogers or Kayleigh Richter, by email at for more details.


Richard Tyldsley, Southern Vectis General Manager and Cycle Champion:

“Cycling to work is a great way to de-stress and get that important 30-minutes of exercise in a productive manner.  The fresh air and sightseeing more than make-up for an occasional wet weather day, and it means less time and money parking! 

I would definitely urge my fellow employees to try cycling to work whenever they can, even if it’s only one-day per-week”.

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