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Southern Vectis Travel Plan

Southern Vectis, a significant employer on the Island, worked with the Connect2Work programme to develop a Workplace Travel Plan. The Travel Plan consisted of a staff survey and a site audit to examine the organisation's opportunities and challenges. 


A set of recommendations was provided, which set out how Southern Vectis could enable its employees to travel more sustainably for commuting and business travel.

Some of the reasons Southern Vectis took the opportunity to develop its Travel Plan included:

  • Car parking issues at its main site and depots

  • To encourage employees to become more active and to use the transport services it currently provides.

  • To increase onsite facilities to make sustainable transport options easier for staff.

  • To support the organisation's ongoing commitment to carbon emissions reduction whilst contributing to staff wellbeing.

If you think your organisation could benefit from developing a Workplace Travel Plan, please contact us, at

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