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Workplace Walking Challenge Summer Winners Announced!

'Workplace challenge winners announced'

The individual and team winners of the summer ‘Workplace Walking Challenge’ have been announced.

Sarah West, a legal assistant at Glanvilles Damant Legal Services, Newport, walked an amazing 105,994 steps, equivalent to approximately 50.2 miles. Her team also won the group prize, putting in an eye-watering 281,319 strides or just over 133 miles, winning high street vouchers for their efforts.

Mrs West said: “We like to take part in events at my company so I knew we would all enjoy it and it is a really good way to get everyone more active. I normally drive to and from work, but I walked instead so I did a lot more steps than usual. I also walked in my lunch breaks and in the evenings.

“Our team walked down to the river in our lunch breaks and we plan to keep this up. It has definitely made us more active. To any companies thinking of taking part, I would say go for it. We really enjoyed the challenge and are looking forward to taking part again in the future!”

The challenge was planned as part of the council’s Connect2Work Programme to encourage workplaces to choose sustainable travel options and saw employees compete to complete the most walking miles to and from their place of work.

Kayleigh Richter, the council’s active travel officer said: “Active commuting such as walking or cycling can greatly improve your health and wellbeing. Being active on a day to day basis, even taking a short ten minute walk at lunchtime, can leave you feeling refreshed, less stressed, and ready for work.

“I hope Glanville’s sterling effort encourages other workplaces to put their best foot forward to join the challenge this autumn – businesses can compete as a department or as their own preferred teams of five. We will send out pedometers and leader boards once you are signed up!”

The autumn ‘Workplace Walking Challenges’ will be taking place again over the next three months and once again, businesses are in with a chance to win some great prizes with a value of up to £200.

The challenges take place over the following periods:

• 14 to 18 October. • 11 to 15 November. • 16 to 20 December.

If you would like to find out more information and take part, please visit:

The events have been organised through the Connect2Work project which aims to change the travel habits of apprentices, employees, jobseekers and employers to reduce congestion and carbon emissions, and to promote health and wellbeing.

The project is supported by the council’s Sustainable Travel Access Fund programme, using funding secured competitively from the Department for Transport to deliver a wider programme of sustainable transport projects being delivered through to April 2020.

For more information on these activities and much more, please visit the Connect2Work website at:

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