Project 2 - E-bike Hire Scheme

Please complete the form below if you would like to try an e-bike. This scheme is open to all Isle of Wight residents, but those which fall into the target groups detailed on the previous page will be prioritised. 


By completing this form you will apply for a voucher to receive up to half a day free e-bike hire with one of our project partners, Wight Cycle Hire or Routefifty7. You will be assigned to the project partner which is most local to your home address. This will be Wight Cycle Hire for those living in the west of the Island and Routefifty7 for those living in east of the Island. This scheme is ideal for someone who has never used an e-bike before but would like to give one a try.


All e-bike hires include a helmet, lights and a lock. Upon receiving your e-bike hire, you will receive a short tutorial of how to use the bike.