As part of our 'Travel Plan' package we offer Lift sharing workshops or breakfasts to help employees find their lift sharing buddy!


This could include anything from group sessions for each department, to fun commuter breakfasts which could help employees find their new carsharing buddy. A yummy breakfast will also be included for those early morning sessions! 

Integrated company lift sharing is one of the easiest ways to cut down on car park usage on site, cut down on private and business fleet CO2e, and it helps employees and the business save money. 


Lift sharing can also cut down massively on business travel which boasts excessive cost savings and CO2e reduction. These sorts of actions can be implemented into an effective 'Business Travel Policy'.

We also promote the use of a community 'Liftsharing' scheme called Liftshare. If you can't find someone at work, or need a lift to an interview try and find someone here: 


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Southern Vectis

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For all enquiries contact your Active Travel Officer at the Isle of Wight Council:

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