Are you a key worker? Do you want to find a cheap, easy and healthy way to travel to work whilst keeping to government social distancing guidelines?


500 key workers have now received £50 Cycle Repair Vouchers. Whilst we are delighted by this incredible take up, we have now put applications on hold until further notice. We will save new applications and we will be in touch if we are able to reopen the scheme. 


There are two factors which will influence whether we can reopen the scheme:


  1. We are waiting to find out the total percentage of vouchers which have been redeemed to date. If this is lower than expected, we will be able to begin sending vouchers to the 180 key workers on the waiting list.

  2. In May, the government announced they would be investing £25 million into a nationwide cycle repair voucher scheme. This scheme will help employees to get their bikes repaired so they can start cycling to work, very similar to our own scheme. On Monday 22nd June, the government made an announcement asking cycle shops to sign up as providers for this new scheme. As soon as this scheme launches, we will provide an update with details of how to benefit from this scheme.

BIKE LOAN UPDATE: From 30th June 2020, we will be changing the participation criteria of the bike loan element of the Key Worker Cycle Scheme to include the following:


  • A limited number of bike loans will be available - 10 loans per month per hire operator - for Isle of Wight key workers.

  • Successful applicants will be selected based on criteria where it is deemed that the bike loan will make the most difference in enabling the applicant to start cycling to work. Applicants can evidence this when speaking to their bike hire operator.

  • Applicants which can demonstrate that the bike loan will be their sole transport mode for getting to work will be prioritised.

  • Selection of successful applicants is ultimately down to the discretion of the bike hire operator.

  • Bikes can be loaned for a maximum loan period of one month per participant. It is deemed that this is long enough to experience cycling to work and decide whether cycling is a suitable mode for the participant.

  • All bike loans are subject to availability.

  • In participating in the scheme, the participant agrees to take part in a future evaluation and monitoring survey.

  • A helmet and lock are included as well as delivery. 


To apply for a bike loan please see the Isle of Wight map below and contact the bike hire company nearest to where you live.

Please contact the bike hire supplier which is most local to where you live. Select the arrow on the map to see which supplier to contact if you live in Newport.

- Live in the yellow area? Please contact: Wight Cycle Hire (delivery available), Yarmouth, 01983 761800, website

- Live in the green area? Please contact: RouteFifty7 (delivery available), Shanklin, 07491000057, website

Terms and Conditions:

  • Bike loans and vouchers in the programme's first wave (April - June 2020) are valid for Isle of Wight employees and residents that are key workers until 30 June 2020.

  • Each voucher may be redeemed at one of the participating suppliers only. If you do not use the full £50, the remaining amount cannot be used elsewhere.

  • Vouchers must be handed to the supplier for completion when receiving services/goods.

  • In participating in the scheme, the participant agrees to take part in a future evaluation and monitoring survey.

  • All bike loans and vouchers subject to availability.

  • Voucher supports first £50 of repairs. Anything in excess of this will be paid by the participant.

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