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'Our vision for a low carbon transport policy'... ERMC is a local employer based in Newport with a linked office in Portsmouth:


'We take pride in living and working on the Island and have, for many years now, valued our Green Travel Plan as part of our business culture and to support our ISO 14001 accreditation. We have actively ran a cycle to work scheme since their launch. We are proud that 50% of our workforce regularly cycle to work. We have invested in shower facilities, lockers and changing rooms to assist staff who are largely office based finding active transport as a viable approach to their commute. For a number of years we have held bus passes for our staff to use for business travel and we encourage their use between Newport and Cowes, Ryde and East Cowes where the buses operate as really credible hop on hop off shuttle services, We value the 'thinking time and email catch up' that taking a bus can provide!! We have a number of staff who use the bus to commute to work and more who, on poll, have told us that they would consider using the bus as a way of removing a 2nd car from their family if buses were more frequent to their home town or village. We really hope that, looking to the future, the frequency of buses is seen as more important than the creation of car park spaces.'


'We run a pool car to assist staff who choose to cycle, walk, run, SUP, kayak , swim or bus (yes over the years all of these modes have been used!!) to work so that staff can attend meetings when a car is needed. We, as a business, want to play an active part in assisting households to reduce the one person, one car culture. We are excited about the emerging opportunities available to our business through supporting the technology change to electric vehicles and will continue to review the opportunities to assist our workforce to make positive decisions towards carbon neutrality.'

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