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Dr Bike 

Get your colleagues cycling by offering free bicycle safety checks and tune-ups at your workplace. We'll bring a professional bike workshop and expert mechanic to you! They’ll safety-check and service key components, including adjusting or replacing brake blocks, tuning gears and fixing punctures.


Free to the employer, this is a great way to reward and incentivise cycling.


Led Rides

We're working with cycling advocacy group CycleWight to deliver Led Rides for your workplace.

If you're not sure about cycling on the roads, or it's been a while since you last rode a bike, these sessions can help you get back in the saddle. 

We're offering training for a maximum of four participants per session.

Sessions can be delivered at your workplace or another desirable location.

Find more information about Cycling below: 

Bike Shop Associate

Bike Maintenance Sessions

These will be delivered by a local professional cycling mechanic and will teach you bike repair basics such as fixing a puncture or adjusting brakes and gears.


These hands on sessions will give you the confidence to cycle to work interpedently, by teaching you the skills to fix basic mechanical problems that may be encountered on the road.


The session can be adapted to fit your needs, but typically include two x one hour sessions:


  • Session 1: general bike maintenance – brakes, gears, general minor adjustments to make a bike roadworthy.

  • Session 2: how to fix a puncture.


We can work with your workplace to create a travel plan and a travel policy; it would be an excellent opportunity for us to find out what you'd like to see to help you get to and from work more actively and sustainably. 

Want to cycle to work, but don't want to feel sweaty and sticky all day? We can talk to your employer about shower facilities.

Feel like you might want to travel on the bus, but it might be too expensive? We can help negotiate a discount for your workplace. 

No Cycle to Work scheme? Again we can help. 


1-1 Travel Planning

We can provide 1-1 Travel Planning sessions as a way of helping you to understand that there may be alternative modes of transport that you could access to get to and from work. 

We can help you plan your route wherever you live, whether you're from a remote area or a busy town centre. 

We can also help you access discounts that may be available to you to help you facilitate the use of sustainable transport. 

It is also a chance for you to ask some questions about what your workplace is doing to help you access these options.

These workshops can be organised remotely or in-house.


Cycle hub

If you're a commuter based in Cowes or if you're off to Southampton, Red Funnel has an area where you can store your bike safely and securely free of charge for the day at The Quay at West Cowes Terminal.

Please find more information on cycling below:


PedalAid is an app that allows you to raise money for local island charities as you ride.


Track your ride, see how many calories you've burnt, how much carbon and money you've saved, as well as doing your bit for charity!

Why not make a cycling team at work and see how many kilometres you can rack up! 


​Not only does your pedalling raise money for local charities, but it also gives you a chance to win various prizes every month, such as a free Rapanui t-shirt or access to a variety of discounts at local retailers.

​Find more information on PedalAid offers here.

Download the app from Google Play or the App Store today

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