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Electric Bikes

An electric bike is a standard bicycle with an electric motor and battery attached. It can make for faster journey times and sweat-free travel in windy, uphill conditions on a bike that’s a lot more fun to ride!

Riding an e-bike is just like riding a regular bike. All you have to do is select the power setting you want and start pedalling for the motor to kick in. The motor will help you get up to 15.5mph before cutting out (in line with UK law).

There are various makes and models of electric bikes, giving you a range of between 20 and 100 miles. The real life range depends on usage of power modes, terrain, and other riding conditions like load or wind. With a typical recharge time of 3 hours, e-bikes are perfect for both commuting and leisure riding.

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Where can I try or buy one?

Many independent and national cycle retailers supply electric bikes alongside conventional bicycles and will be happy to provide advice and even a try-before-you-buy service. Local bike retailers on the Island which stock e-bikes include:

- Adrian’s Bike Shop, Freshwater

- Halfords - Newport

- TAV Cycles, Ryde

- Wight Bike Eco Solutions, Merstone

- Wight Mountain, Newport

Does your employer run a cycle to work scheme? If so, you may be able to purchase an electric bike and spread the payment, tax free. Check with your employer for full details.

Alternatively, a number of cycle hire operators on the Island stock e-bikes. Why not loan one for a week or two to see how you get on?

- RouteFifty7, Shanklin

- Wight Cycle Hire, Yarmouth


Why choose an Electric Bike?

Steep hills? An electric bike will help you reach the top without breaking much of a sweat.

Starting off at traffic lights? An electric bike will get you up to speed and safely ahead of traffic.

Strong winds? An electric bike will help you reach your destination whilst maintaining a good speed and without exhausting yourself.

Carrying a heavy load? An electric bike will allow you to carry heavy shopping or even a small child without feeling the tiring effects of riding a heavily laden bike.

Commuting? An electric bike will allow you to cycle to work in your work clothes, leaving you fresh and ready to start work at the other end.

Worried that you will not get the physical benefits of cycling? Fear not! Studies show that people who use e-bikes get as much exercise as those who ride regular bikes. This is because e-bike riders often end up cycling further and for longer than they would do on a regular bike.

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