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As part of the 'travel plan package' we offer a 'business travel policy' as a logical add on to the travel plan. 

Unavoidably, facilities management will always play a key part in  policy taking shape. For many businesses, facilities management is an integral part of their organisational structure, for some businesses however, this is an area that some may need more assistance with. 

Facilities management can include anything from car park management, to fleet management, it's not just limited to the building, it can include the whole site.

Your Active Travel Officer will make sure that you are making the right decisions to create an affective 'business travel policy' or 'travel plan' with your team in facilities...or whoever fancies taking on a challenge!

Whatever you decide, we have the expertise to help you make a successful plan and policy.

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As part of your travel plan or policy, car park management will be of huge importance. You may already have issues with car parking and this may be preventing employees or visitors finding a space to park, or your current car park layout might need revising... 

Embracing sustainable tranport culture and modes can dramatically help you allieviate these issues with some bespoke actions and goals to work towards in your travel plan. Your travel policy will naturally reflect these new processes, which will solve your car parking worries for good. 

Your Active Travel Officer will talk to you about your needs to help you deliver these measures effectively. 


As part of your package your may want to consider EV charging points for your visitors or employees. 

You might be getting quite a lot of employees starting to use electric cars, or you might even be considering an electric pool car or changing your fleet to EV. 

We work closely with local EV businesses to help deliver these projects, and we can also assist you in applying for Government funding to help facilitate these on your site.

Your Active Travel Officer will be able to help you with this. 


Fleet management may also be something that you will consider implementing or revising as a result of your travel plan package.


If the business has any pool cars, or is considering purchasing some, we will be able to help you evaluate your needs.


You may be better off investing in a Car Club scheme, this is something that we will assist you with. 


Effective fleet management will also help you with car park related issues, drastically reduce carbon emissions and save the business a substantial amount of money.

This also ties into the business travel area of your travel plan. For example the business can implement policy to restrict private car use to pool cars or car club use. This might be a cheaper option in comparison with an employee claiming money back for mileage.

Of course, this is dependent on the operation of your business. Your Active Travel Officer will help you make the right decisions to benefit your business and the environment. 


There may be infrastructural issues that are creating barriers in order for your employees or your business to operate sustainably, and promote active travel modes affectively. 

We can help you with these barriers with the current stakeholders that we work with such as Island Roads, and Southern Vectis. 

This issues can be anything from a mis-placed bus stop to a lack of road furniture.

We are also able to help you find funding for some other facilities that you may need on site, such as bike storage, or shower facilities. 

For further questions please contact your Active Travel Officer. 

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