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Beryl KickStarter Scheme

What do you need to do?

  • Download the Beryl App on your smartphone, complete the sign-up process. Remember to add a valid email address, payment card, and a UK valid driving licence to use the e-Scooters.

  • Ask your coach to provide you with a 400-minute bundle* - activate this in the Beryl app. 

What else you need to know

  • When hiring a Beryl e-Scooter, you will incur a £1.50 unlock fee each time you unlock a vehicle.

  • You can reclaim this charge from your work coach, up to a maximum of £60. A refundable fee is based on two unlock fees per day for five days per week.

  • The 400-minute bundle is based on an average round-trip commute of 20 minutes each day for five days per week.

  • You will be charged if you fail to park your bike or e-scooter in a Beryl Bay, or if you leave the Beryl operating zone. You cannot reclaim ‘out of bay’ or ‘out of zone’ fees from your work coach.

To receive further discount

  • You are eligible for an exclusive half-price travel offer for the remainder of your Kickstart placement.

  • To apply, please contact the help team in-app by quoting IOWKICKSTART, your name and your work coach.

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