Apprentices and jobseekers can benefit from a variety of benefits as part of the Connect2Work programme. 

These benefits aim to promote and facilitate the use of sustainable transport to get to and from work and to help jobseekers attend interviews.

To find out more please see below or contact your Active Travel Officer. 


'DR Bike' Cycle Maintenance Sessions

If your bike is looking a bit tired or you fancy getting back on your bike but you're not sure if it's up to scratch, a Dr Bike session may be for you! As an apprentice or a jobseeker you're entitled to FREE cycle maintenance sessions to help you get your bicycle back in working order. 

As a participant, we will work with you to ensure

that we can get your bike up to scratch. Dr Bike can work with you on a 1-1 basis Islandwide. Wherever you may be, whether that's at work or even at home, we can accomodate you. 


Bought to you by Nick Blake from Island Bikeworks.

Fancy setting up a cycling team? 

Why not try Pedal Aid?


PedalAid is an app that allows you to raise money for local island charities as you ride. 

Why not make a cycling team at work and see how many kilometers you can rack up! 

Not only does your pedalling raise money for charity, it also gives you the chance to win a variety of prizes every month such as a FREE Rapanui tshirt, and a variety of discounts at local retailers.

Find more information on PedalAid offers here.

If you're new to cycling or it's been a while, getting a team together is a great way to build your confidence back up, or if you need a bit more of an incentive to ride, why not check out the app for yourself?

Why not link up with other teams and have a team ride? 


Work in Cowes, commute across the water, or have an interview?

Nowhere to store your bike?

Try the cycle hub!

The Cycle Hub provides secure storage facilities for FREE.

If you cycle to the Red Jet to commute across the water, why not store your bike in Cowes Terminal?


Jobseeker? Why not try the Build Your Own Bike scheme from Aspire Ryde and grab yourself a bike made from reused bike parts?! Talk to Aspire Ryde for more information.

Apprentice bus discount


We understand that as an apprentice getting to work can be difficult in the first couple of months of employment. If you travel by bus, these expenses can be particularly hefty when you're trying to juggle those other expenses.

To ease this financial burden, the Connect2Work Programme is currently offering an 80% discount on a multi-day 30-day ticket on a Key Card for the first month of employment. The retail price of this product is £111 (adult) or £80 (17-18).

To find out more, please talk to your assessor, provider or trainer, or alternatively, fill in the application form on our website, or talk to your Active Travel Officers. 

Not a provider? Are you an apprentice that does your apprenticeship directly with your organisation, and not a college or training provider? Contact your Active Travel Officer to see how we can accommodate you. 


Talk to your Active Travel Officers, or fill in an application form.


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