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Isle of Wight Council is allocating £30,000 of its 2020/21 Access Fund programme towards the Active Travel Innovation Grant Fund. The fund's purpose is to support organisations that seek to deliver their own projects which contribute to the continued growth of active and sustainable transport on the Isle of Wight. This Active Travel Grant Innovation Fund has the following objectives:

  • Support businesses to accommodate an increase in active mode journeys for commuting and business travel;

  • Normalise walking and cycling as the preferred transport mode for shorter journeys;

  • Improve the health and well-being of the wider community through education, community engagement, access to equipment and technology.


Organisations are invited to bid for a maximum of £3,000 per application for projects which:

  • Support the Isle of Wight Council Access Fund objectives;

  • Unlock potential for increased active and sustainable transport on the Island;

  • Embrace innovation;

  • Include a mechanism for measuring both a baseline level of mode share and the mode shift achieved through the delivery of the project.


Please note that:

  • Applicants are expected to contribute 100% match funding to the overall project costs. Match funding can be capital or revenue funding and can include monetised ‘in kind’ support.

  • Organisations applying for funding to deliver projects which target active modes for commuting, must already have or commit to work towards a Workplace Travel Plan.

  • Once funding is approved, the expectation is that projects can be implemented at pace to ensure that outcomes are realised within the 20/21 financial year.  

The application form for the 20/21 Active Travel Innovation Grant Fund is on the Sports Development Unit page of the Isle of Wight Council website which can be accessed here.

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Previous successful applicants include:

  • Aspire Ryde: to expand it’s Recycle a Bike scheme which enables jobseekers to repair and take ownership of bikes.

  • RouteFifty7: to establish a new cycle hire presence on Shanklin Esplanade

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